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*2019 Pergola: Bird Visitor

*2015 Pergola: So Long (not Goodbye)


*2014 Fevers: Vacation


*2011 Rachel Elise Katz: Turn of Season


*2011 Pergola: Like One in Water Crying "I Thirst"


*2011 Turncoat: S/T


*2010 Todd Shelar: Guitar Music for a Merry Christmas


*2008 Pergola: The Way is to the World as the Sea is to Streams


*2007 Pergola: Offering


*2006 Marionette: You Are Here


*2006 Death By Musette: S/T


*2004 Bicycle Days: S/T


*2002 Todd Shelar: Shades of the Space Between Us


*2001 Sadhu: Dark Day Train


*2000 Sadhu: Kissie Poo EP


*1999 Sadhu: The Harry Truman Booth


*1997 Sinecure: Festival of Popular Songs

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